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Here's a few things
About Us
The Products We Sell
Providing Quality Products in a Consumer Friendly Way

About Us
In 2003 BestScooterBuys was spun off of our original ATT web site that was established in 2001
It quickly became our flagship scooter site selling thousands of scooters since that time.
This shows a depth of market and consumer understanding unmatched by most other scooter retailers.
With over ten years experience selling scooters on the web we're one of he most experienced on line scooter retailers your going to find.
Our success really isn't rocket science. Here's how we do it.
1. Provide products that are worth owning.
2. Sell those products for the lowest possible price.
3. Provide our customers with professional, friendly service.
4. If we make a mistake we'll own up to it and correct it as quickly and painlessly as possible.
5. We actually value your business and treat it and you with respect.
6. We do what we say.
See, it's not hard, we're consumers too ... we get it.

About the products we sell.

We choose the manufactures/importers we deal with based on 4 criteria:
1. Are they wise enough to manufacture an item that's worth owning.
2. Do they have the inclination to conduct business in a straight forward way over the long haul.
3. Can they  provide constant, dependable and fast order fulfillment within the time frames quoted on our site.
4. Their ability and willingness to provide strong, fair, accurate and timely "after the sale" support.
Each manufacture/importer is headquartered in the USA.
All warehouses are located in the USA.
Support staff are based in the USA (now that's a novel idea).
Replacement parts are warehoused in the USA and generally in good supply.
We have some of the highest quality kids ride on toys you can buy anywhere in the world!

About our web site.
BestScooterBuys.com is an e commerce site with over two hundred active html pages and one hundred twenty secure encrypted pages.
The site is never "done". It is truly a work in progress. Changes and updates are performed daily.
We make every effort to provide you with the most up to date and accurate product specifications available.
Product availability is listed on every product page.

Availability numbers displayed like this (with numbers)
are real time, current national supply data and reliable.
Availability values displayed like this (with text)
In Stock
are manual adjust and are usually reliable.

E-store security
Our e store uses the latest, most secure processing and encryption methods available to protect your privacy.
When you click on one of our "buy now" or "add to cart" buttons you are taken to a dedicated financial data processing server to enter your information in safety. We do not maintain a record of your financial information.

Click around.
You'll find a wealth of information and a few items you probably didn't know they made.
Have fun.
Thanks for dropping by.

Every Day Low Prices on Brand Name E-transportation and Power Toys.
Full size electric scooter adults teens children ride on toys
"as important as what you buy, is where you buy"
Professionals that take your business seriously. BestScooterBuys.com
This is a BestScooterBuys.com information page and is compliant with our posted terms and conditions. 
Purchasing from this website by electronic order, phone order or mail order constitutes your understanding of and agreement with your items manufactures warranty policies and procedures and BestScooterBuys.com  terms of sale.
All Material Copyright  BestScooterBuys.com /2003/2011 Unless Otherwise Indicated,

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