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Assembly Help

The best assembly instructions available for your item will be included in your Owners Manual.
If you don't already have one you can download it below.


X-treme: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
X-Treme™ X-010 X-010 n/a Download n/a
X-Treme™ X-250 X-250 n/a Download n/a
X-Treme™ X-500 X-500 n/a Download n/a
X-Treme™ X-360 X-360 n/a Download n/a
X-Treme™ XG-505 XG-505 n/a Download n/a
X-Treme™ XG-499 XG-499 n/a Download n/a
X-Treme™ XG-550 XG-550 n/a Download n/a

ScooterX: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
ESX-Racer 49cc Gas Scooter SX-02 n/a Download n/a
Dirt Dog 49cc Gas Scooter SX-03 n/a Download n/a
Power Kart 49cc Gas Go Kart
Basic manual for Power Kart
Power Kart 2012 and Power Kart Baja
n/a n/a Download n/a
SkaterX 49cc Skate Board SX-05 n/a Download n/a
Dirt Dog 500w Electric Scooter SX-04 n/a n/a
Power Kart 500w Electric Go Kart SX-06 n/a Download Download

Evo Powerboards: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
Evo 300w Electric Scooter Evo-300 n/a Download n/a
Evo 500w Electric Scooter Evo-500 n/a Download n/a
Evo 800w Electric Scooter Evo-800 n/a Download n/a
Evo Rx 50cc Gas Scooter Evo-Rx n/a Download n/a
Evo 2x 50cc Gas Scooter Evo-2x-Big n/a Download n/a

Electric Wheels: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
EW-200 Electric Scooter EW-200 n/a Download n/a
EW-280 Electric Scooter EW-280 n/a Download n/a
EW-700 Electric Scooter EW-700 n/a Download n/a
EW-1000 Electric Scooter EW-1000 n/a Download n/a
EW-500 Electric Moped EW-500 Download Download n/a
EW-550 Electric Moped EW-550 n/a Download n/a
EW-600 Electric Moped EW-600 n/a Download n/a
EW-36 Mobility Scooter EW-36 n/a Download n/a
EW-54-LA Electric Trike EW-54-LA n/a Download n/a
EW-620-LA Electric Bicycle EW-620-LA n/a Download n/a
EW-620-LI Electric Bicycle EW-620-LI n/a Download n/a
EW-624-LA Electric Bicycle EW-624-LA n/a Download n/a
EW-624-LI Electric Bicycle EW-624-LI n/a Download n/a
EW-1100-LI Electric Bicycle EW-1100-LI n/a Download n/a
EW-1200-LI Electric Bicycle EW-1200-LI n/a Download n/a

Kids Ride On Toys
Toys Toys: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
Ferrari F1 12v TT-676234 Download Download Download
Mercedes 300 SL 6v TT-655641 Download Download Download
Audi TT Roadster 6v TT-656031 Download Download Download
Porsche Cayenne 6v TT-656150 Download Download Download
BMW Z4 Roadster 6v TT-656164 Download Download Download
Mercedes SLK 6v TT-656224 Download Download Download
Mini Cooper 6v TT-656226 Download Download Download
BMW 335i Cabrio 6v TT-656386 Download Download Download
Ferrari Enzo 12v TT-676204 Download Download Download
BMW M6 12v TT-676281 Download Download Download
Mercedes 300 SL Pedal TT-621701 Download Download n/a
VW Bettle Pedal TT-622063 Download Download n/a
Audi TT Roadster Pedal TT-622071 Download Download n/a
Porsche Cayenne Pedal TT-622190 Download Download n/a
BMW Z4 Roadster Pedal TT-622204 Download Download n/a
Ferrari Enzo Pedal TT-622234 Download Download n/a
Mini Cooper Cabrio Pedal TT-622276 Download Download n/a
Mercedes SLK Pedal TT-622284 Download Download n/a
BMW 335i Cabrio Pedal TT-622486 Download Download n/a
BMW M6 Pedal TT-676281 Download Download n/a

Injusa: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
Grand Legend Inj-751 Download Download Download
Phantom Racer Inj-754 n/a n/a
Two Evasion Jeep Inj-753 Download Download Download
Boogie Car / Rally Car Inj-7002 Inj-7005 Download Download Download
Mega Cyclops Quad Inj-663 n/a
Quad Mantis Inj- 6601 n/a
Big Wheels Go-Kart Inj- 669 n/a Download Download
Power Kart / Speedy Kart Inj-665 Inj-6651 Download Download Download
Toony Track Inj-409 Download n/a Download
Repsol Motorcycle Inj-644 Download Download Download
Moto Thunder Dirt Bike Inj-6811 Download Download Download
Custom Falcon Inj-690 Download Download Download
Scooter Duo Inj-686 Inj-6862 Download Download Download
Buddy Quad Inj-135 Inj-1352 Download Download Download
Minotauro Complete Inj-171 Download Download Download

Feber: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
TT Adventure 12v Feb-800003904 n/a Download n/a
Roadster Waverazor 6v Feb-800003472 n/a Download n/a
Formula 1 6v Feb-800003611 n/a Download n/a
Buggy Bucaneer 12v Feb-800003463 n/a Download n/a
Buggy Pirate 6v Feb-800003461 n/a Download n/a
Sport Series Rocket 6v Feb-800003434 n/a Download n/a
SXC 6v Dirt Bike Feb-800003433 n/a Download n/a
Quad Brutale 12v Feb-800003457 n/a Download n/a
Mega Racing Bike Feb-800003833 n/a Download n/a
Viking Ultimate Racer Feb-800003095 n/a Download n/a

Mini Motos: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
ATV Racer 12v MM-GB789 n/a Download n/a
Classic Car 6v (R/C) MM-GB999-6 n/a Download n/a
Truck Adventure 12v MM-GBA18 n/a Download n/a
Car Bug 6v (R/C) MM-GBA19 n/a Download n/a
ATV Enduro 12v MM-GBA22 n/a Download n/a
Dirt Bike 12v MM-GBA23 n/a Download n/a
Off Road Truck 12v MM-GBA26 n/a Download n/a
ATV Baja 6v MM-GBB03 n/a Download n/a
Off Road Truck 6v (R/C) MM-GBA30 n/a Download n/a
F1 Go-Kart 12v MM-GB81A n/a Download n/a
Car Racer 6v (R/C) MM-GBA28 n/a Download n/a
Sports Car 12v MM-GBB15 n/a Download n/a
Red Hawk Motorcycle 12v MM-5008 n/a Download n/a
Super Car 12v MM-5018 n/a Download n/a
ATV Sport 12v MM-5118 n/a Download n/a
Star Car 6v MM-5188 n/a Download n/a

Kalee: Part # Part Diagram: Product Manual: Wiring Diagram:
Indian Motorcycle 6v KL-30040 n/a Download Download
Dirt Bike 12v KL-20013 n/a Download n/a
Custom Chopper 12v KL-20033 n/a Download n/a
Fire Truck 12v KL-40027 n/a Download Download

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