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Electric Scooter Battery Information.
Battery Type
Most electric scooter, electric ATV, and electric bicycle batteries are of the Sealed Lead Acid type (SLA) and are maintenance free. Meaning you never need to add water or acid booster because the battery is "sealed".
Being "sealed" also means if you turn the battery on its side or end the acid won't spill out.
Battery configuration.
All single, SLA type, electric scooter batteries are 12 volt.
An electric scooter with a volt rating of 12 volts has 1 battery.
An electric scooter with a volt rating of 24 volts uses 2 batteries wired in series.
A scooter with a 36 volt rating uses 3 batteries wired in series, 48 volt rating has 4 batteries wired in series and so on.
Battery amperage is the indicator of how much electric power can be supplied to the system by a single battery. If a battery has an amp rating of 7 amps it means that single battery can provide 7 amps of electric power to the electric scooters system. Two 7 amp batteries would provide 14 amps, three 7 amp batteries would deliver 21 amps and so on. Battery amperage ratings are very important in determining how far and how fast an electric scooter will go.
Charging Your Electric Scooter Batteries.
You should recharge your electric scooters batteries every time you use it.
After you have completed assembly do not ride your electric scooter  until the initial charge has completed. This could take 6 hours or more. (It’s best to let it charge for up to 24 hours!) Every charge afterward should be no less than 4 hours, even if your charger shows a green light in less time.
The battery charger used with this type of electric scooter will have a green light that comes on indicating the batteries are fully recharged. This green light will light up when the charger senses a good surface charge and does not mean the batteries are indeed, fully charged. Let the batteries charge for at least 4 hours after the green light comes on to ensure the batteries are fully charged.
Battery Life Expectancy
Electric scooter battery life is expressed in "recharge cycles"
Charging a battery from zero charge to full charge is 1 recharge cycle. 
An example would be, an electric scooter battery that has a rating of 300 recharge cycles means the battery can be recharged from zero charge to full charge 300 times.
If you use only half of the available charge, you can get up to 600-700 cycles out of that same battery.
Battery life is dependent on how often you use it and how deeply you discharge it.
Battery Storage.
If you are storing your electric scooter, electric ATV or electric bicycle for a long period of time, charge the electric scooter batteries for at least 4 hours every month
After storage, charge the electric scooter battery again for up to 24 hours before you ride it.
For longest battery life during storage, run your electric scooter for about 10 minutes every 2 weeks and recharge the batteries afterwards for more than 4 hours. (Even if the charger light is solid green). Doing this can dramatically increase the life of your electric scooter batteries.

Quick tip girlBestScooterBuys.com "Quick Tip"
To help extend the life of your your electric scooter batteries
try never to use all the available charge in the battery.

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