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Timing Advance Key aka Rocket Key

Evo Performance Carburetor and Air filter kit
This is the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to upgrading your scooter or go kart (or other). The timing key aka rocket key advances engine timing 7 degrees which advances your spark. What does this do? It adds top speeds of 2-3 mph and about 10% more torque (pulling power).
This key will fit any 33cc, 36cc, 43cc, 49cc, and 52cc Hausheng engine. These motors are the most common motors used on scooters, pocket bikes, mini choppers, and go karts in the USA market.
stock timing key advance timing key for 2 cycle engine
Above is a stock or regular "crankshaft key", that comes on your scooter from the factory. It is used to align the flywheel on the crankshaft  The Timing Advance Key shown above
Notice the "off set". This off set aligns the flywheel in a 7 degree advance position

Why 7 degrees?
7 degrees advanced timing will provide the most power increase and maintain the "streetability" of your scooter for everyday use. Advance timing setting above the magic 7 degree mark are likely to make your engine run hot which will reduce engine life greatly.

Displayed below is a typical crankshaft with the Advance Key installed. Notice the upper portion of the key is off set from it's stock position and will now align the flywheel in an advanced timing position.
advance timing key installed

The advanced timing position delivers spark to the spark plug at a slightly earlier time in the combustion part of the engine cycle making for a hotter and more complete explosion each power cycle. This one item will get you a 2-3 mph increase in top speed.

Fits these items sold on this site
ScooterX  Dirt Dog,  X-Racer,  Baja,  Powerkart and SkaterX.

Price.  $19.00
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